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Here at iSmart Tutoring Services, our tutors help support students according to their individual needs. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all tutoring system to help students improve in their studies. Our tutors here at iSmart do their best to understand each student they are working with and to act not only as tutors and educators, but as mentors to guide students in their academics and personal development.

The Secret of Ismart?

  • We individualize our tutoring sessions to the needs of each student.
  • Our tutors are selected based on their ability to teach and connect with students.
  • Our tutors are trained and provided with material for their sessions and have the flexibility to provide their own.
  • With permission, sessions are recorded for students to study and review.
  • Teachers write a report after every session for parents/guardians to keep track of progress.


In-Home Tutoring

In-home tutoring allows students and parents to have a more flexible schedule and to create a schedule that works at their convenience. At iSmart, we will pair the appropriate tutor that matches with students’ needs and they will come to the location requested. This allows students to have more time and less stress and to also be in an environment that’s comfortable and optimal for their learning.


Online Tutoring

The pandemic forced drastic change for everyone, especially in education. Students had to learn how to learn online and educators had to learn how to educate online, but there’s always a silver lining. With online tutoring, students can have tutoring sessions anywhere, as long as they have a device and internet. Students can have their tutoring session in privacy and in an environment that they’re comfortable in, which is optimal for a students’ learning.

Courses at Ismart

iSmart provides tutoring to students of different ages, grades, levels, and subjects. We have tutoring programs, as listed above, for a variety of subjects This ensures that students with various tutoring needs can be provided for by our tutors at iSmart.

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